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Medinose PLUS 45030 Hayfever and Allergy Treatment

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New AllergoLux Lanaform LA120201

New AllergoLux Lanaform LA120201

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New AllergoLux Lanaform LA120201 - Period of use: From 3 to 9 minutes depending on the programme used - Frequency of use: 3 sessions daily at the most - LCD - Dimensions: Approximately 125x65x22 mm - Weight: Approximately 150 gr, including the batteries -

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£58.65 inc. VAT

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New AllergoLux Lanaform LA120201, description:


This device helps prevent and treat the symptoms of respiratory allergies at home, on a daily basis, and without medicines.



It is a natural treatment against hayfever and allergies to mites, animal hair, dust and/or pollen.


New Allergo Lux is compact, equipped with an LCD screen and is easy to use wherever you are.


  • Phototherapy consists of emitting - in 1 to 3 sessions lasting 4 minutes 30 seconds - a red light onto the nasal mucous membrane with the effect of progressively desensitising the allergy stimulators.
  • New Allergo Lux's operation time can be adjusted using two modes and three different intensities:
    • Continuous mode and pulse mode.
    • Low, medium or high intensity.
  • There are no medical contra indications and no side-effects caused by using New Allergo Lux, and in addition it can be used as a supplement to medical treatment.


During your initial sessions, we recommend using "continuous" mode combined with "high" intensity.

Period of use: From 3 to 9 minutes depending on the programme used.

Frequency of use: 3 sessions daily at the most

Light emission: 660 nm red light

- Low intensity 2 mw per diode.

- Medium intensity 4 mw per diode.

- High intensity 5 mw per diode.

Dimensions: Approximately 125x65x22 mm.

Weight: Approximately 150 gr, including the batteries.

Medical product, CE

Switches off automatically after the recommended period of use.
Operates with 4 AAA LR03 Alkaline batteries (not included).



Product New AllergoLux Lanaform LA120201 details :

Reference ARRET-ARRET-LA120201
Weight 0.15 Kg
Manufacturer Lanaform

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