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Otoscope Riester

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    • Riester ri-scope® L Otoscopes Optical fiber

      Riester ri-scope® L Otoscopes Optical fiber - Direct illumination with 2.5-V halogen, or 3.5-V xenon lamp - Bi-directional swivelling optical glass with 3-fold magnifi cation
    • Riester

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    • Riester Pen-Scope otoscope

      Riester Pen-Scope Otoscope - Plastic tubes each with five reusable 2.5 mm and 4 mm ear specula. - Battery handle type AA for two batteries type AA. - Batteries not supplied.
    • Riester

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2 Item(s)

An otoscope is a medical device designed to look into the ears. Health care professionals use otoscope to screen for illness during regular check-ups and to investigate ears symptoms. Girodmedical selected for you the best otoscope brands.

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