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Blood pressure monitor Omron

Why should you choose an Omron blood pressure monitor?


Omron blood pressure monitors : high quality and reliable products

Omron is the world leader in the sale of blood pressure monitors with more than 200 millions monitors sold all over the world.

By buying an Omron blood pressure monitor, you have the guarantee to have a reliable monitor. At Girodmedical we only propose quality products.

Indeed, all our Omrons monitors are clinically tested and validated.


In addition to be very effective, electric blood pressure monitors by Omron manufacturer are the latest generation of blood pressure monitors on the market. Their technology make them simple to use for healthcare professionals and also for private individuals who can now keep an eye on their blood pressure at home.


Blood pressure monitors are not anymore only reserved to healthcare professionals but for everybody.

Do not hesitate to go on Girodmedical, you will find further information. All our Omron blood pressure monitors models will figure on it.


What are the advantages of Omron blood pressure monitors?


Omron models are all automatic and they are much more convenient to use than manual blood pressure monitors. Moreover, each monitor has wide buttons, a big screen that gives you information about your blood pressure.


Thanks to this, you can now  know if you suffer of high blood pressure and if your heartbeat is regular or not.

In case of a dysfunction, a notification will appear on the screen.


An Omron monitor, always has innovative accessories such as the Intelli Wrap armband, which ensures a reliable and non-influenced measurement by the positioning of the armband on your arm. Thanks to its 360° technology sensor.


Comfort is assured  during the blood pressure measurement, as the armbands and bracelets provided adjust their inflation level automatically with Intellisense.


Finally, an electric Omron blood pressure monitor offers you the possibility to ensure the follow-up measure.

You can also record and transfer the values obtained after each measurement on Omron connect software. Thanks too this software, you will be able to share the values with your doctor during the apointements.


Do not forget that even if you check your blood pressure at home it doesn’t replace a medical monitoring. These devices exists to facilitate the work of specialists by providing them with data taken at your home and often.


Which Omron blood pressure monitor choose?

Omron blood pressure monitor range is important. A lot of models are available and each of them has different characteristics. You may ask yourself which blood pressure monitor buy among Omron range.


It is important to identify some criterias of selection before deciding which Omron blood pressure monitor you are going to use:

-  The measurement localisation: it is possible to take your blood pressure with the help of an Omron upper arm blood pressure monitor. But also with an Omron wrist blood pressure monitor.
You should be aware that both models give the same accuracy in their result.

-  The range Omron blood pressure monitor are classified in increasing order. From the oldest to the newest. Omrons upper arm blood pressure monitors are recognizable by the letter “M”. Omron wrist blood pressure monitors have the mention “RS”.
The oldest upper arm blood pressure monitor is the “M1’. The most recent is the “M7”. For the wrist monitors, the models range goes from “RS1” to “RS6”.

-  The type of armand: Omron old blood pressure monitors have a classic armband with a scratch.
The most modern have preformed armband. It is more comfortable and easy to use. The new armbands are equipped of Intelli Wrap technology. The results are reliable, thanks to the sensor in 360°. The blood pressure is taken in a more large area.

- Cuff circumference: The most recent Omron upper arm tensiometer models have an armband of 22 cm to 42 cm. The older models have 22 cm - 32 cm armbands. Make sure to measure the circumference of your arm before buying an old model, such as the Spot Arm I-Q132 Omron electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor. For the  wrist tensiometers, the Omron cuff measures between 13.5 and 21.5 cm, allowing it to be adjusted to all morphologies.

-  The number of users: a few of Omron blood pressure monitors can be used by two people. Each of them have the possibility to memorise their own data to follow their blood pressure evolution. These are the blood pressure monitors which are concerned: M3, M3 Comfort, M6, M6 Comfort, M7 et Spot Arm.

- The memory of the monitor: The Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors permit you to record values. This simplifies your tracking. Omron M1 Plus tensiometer can save 21. The evolv, the M6 and the M6 Comfort store up to 100 data. M3 and M3 Comfort record up to 60 per person (or 120), Spot Arm 84 per user (or 168). As for M7, it can keep in mind 100 values per person (or 200).

- Indicators: signals communicate different informations to you according to the selected Omron blood pressure monitor. The Omron M3 and Omron M7 have a hypertension indicator to warn you if necessary. The latest models indicate a poor installation of the armband, The measurement of blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

-The display:  even if the Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors screens are more large then the Omron wrist blood pressure monitors, they are more readable and display large characters for a better reading of the results. Some devices simultaneously display data related to diastolic and systolic voltages, as well as pulses such as the Omron M3 Comfort and M6 Comfort blood pressure monitors.

- The connexion on computers or mobile: certain blood pressure monitors can be connected to a computer by a USB cable, like the M3 IT. Others have the bluetooth like the Omron M7 Intelli It. Finally, the blood pressure monitor Omron Evolv is a connected object. All the models permit you to transfer and record you data on the Omron Connect software.

- The blood pressure monitor design: the Omron blood pressure monitors boxes are thin. The most modern are the more stylish. The models for private individuals are more small and light.

-  The price of the blood pressure monitor: Omron devices are suitable for all budgets. At GirodMedical, we offer unbeatable prices for all our products of this great quality brand.

- Omron professional blood pressure monitors: Omron M1 Plus sphygmomanometer electronic tensiometer, PAR 110, Omron 907, and Spot Arm Omron I-Q132 are for health professionals.

- The warranty: you must know that almost all Omron tensiometers are guaranteed for 3 years.

  • We have compared the different Omron blood pressure monitors to help you choose the best blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure according to your health and your rhythm of life.

Discover below our comparative table of the best Omron tensiometers.

5 Item(s)

  • -65%
    Omron M3 HEM-7131-E upper arm digital blood pressure monitor

    Omron M3 HEM-7131-E upper arm digital blood pressure monitor

    Omron M3 HEM-7131-E upper arm digital blood pressure monitor - Adult cuff diameter 22-42cm - 2x 60 memories - Intellisense Technique


    Available: In Stock.

    Regular Price: £116.03 inc. VAT

    Girodmedical Price: £41.09 inc. VAT

  • -11%
    Omron 907 professional upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Omron 907 professional upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Most suitable monitor for clinical use Good alternative to traditional sphygmomanometers 3 modes: - automatic mode: single measurement - automatic mode: 3 successive measurements - manual for stethoscope use with automatic deflation


    Available: In Stock.

    Regular Price: £412.65 inc. VAT

    Girodmedical Price: £368.28 inc. VAT

  • Omron R7, wrist blood pressure monitor

    Omron R7, wrist blood pressure monitor

    Modern design Simultaneous display of Time, Diastole, Systole and Pulse data Graphical display function Advanced Position Sensor (APS) to make sure that the monitor is correctly placed


    Available: In Stock.

    Regular Price: £94.41 inc. VAT

    Girodmedical Price: £92.91 inc. VAT

  • Omron RS1 wrist blood pressure monitor

    Omron RS1 wrist blood pressure monitor

    • Omron RS1 wrist blood pressure monitor
    • Intellisense technology for soft measurement
    • Easy to use and reliable
    • Large screen, date and hour indicated
    • Clinically validated.


    Available: In Stock.

    £34.21 inc. VAT

  • Omron Evolv upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Omron Evolv upper arm blood pressure monitor

    • New Omron Evolv blood pressure monitor
    • All in One upper arm blood pressure monitorIntellisense Technology, inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each useOmron connect appIndicator of irregular heart beatings
    • Armband Intelli Wrap, reliability sensor 360° (22-42 cm)


    Available: In Stock.

    Regular Price: £139.00 inc. VAT

    Girodmedical Price: £136.38 inc. VAT


5 Item(s)