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HEINE BETA Battery Handle

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Heine NT 200 Charger

Heine NT 200 Charger

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Heine NT 200 Charger - Single charger for all handles -Short charging time - Compact, can be mounted on a wall or a table - Twin port - Dimensions: Width: 130mm / Height: 60mm / Width: 75mm - Weight: 400g - Warranty: 5 years

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Heine NT 200 Charger description




Heine NT 200 recharges HEINE batteries automatically via its electronic system, regardless the state of the battery charge or voltage output. No overload is possible. All Heine handles including NT, alpha and BETA SLIM can be recharged using the same NT 200 charger.


- Only one charger for all handles. Simple handling.
-  Automatic charging. Reduced charging time, increased battery life
- Two independent charging compartments. Used interchangeably with one or two handles.
-  For table or wall mounting. Suits all customer needs.
- Compact, space saving design.
- Suitable for HEINE NiMH rechargeable batteries and Li-ion battery.
- Warranty: 5 years Parts and Labor
Dimensions: Width: 130mm, Height: 60mm Depth: 75mm. Weight: 400g.

Product Heine NT 200 Charger details :

Reference ARRET-X-000.99.403
Weight 0.80 Kg
Warranty 3 years
Country of Production Germany
Manufacturer Heine
Type of accessory Supply

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