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What is a manual blood pressure monitor?

manual blood pressure monitor is a medical device equipped with an armband and a manometer. The manometer is a pressure measuring instrument, intended to measure the pressure close to atmospheric pressure.
Manual blood pressure monitors are reserved to healthcare professionals because to use it you will need certain medical skills. In fact, it must be used with a stethoscope to determine and listen to the heartbeat displayed on the dial of the manometer dial.

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What are the different Handheld sphygmomanometer that Girodmedical propose?


Different models of manual blood pressure monitors are available on the medical materiel market.

It is possible to choose among a large range of aneroid blood pressure monitors:

Either the palm aneroid sphygmomanometer equipped with a smooth armband. Easy to put on the patient, thanks to its adjustable armband and adaptable to the patient’s morphology. You are sure that you will save time when you will take the measurements. The gauge holder is integrated on the bulb, the mechanism for inflation.

The other manual blood pressure monitors are equipped of a light bulb and the gauge holder is integrated on the cuff. This permits a quick and reliable measurement. It is very practice because it stays on the patient even if it falls down during the measurement.

How to choose the best manual blood pressure monitor?


A reliable handheld sphygmomanometer has to present these characteristics. It is compulsory to have a manual and stethoscope tensiometer pack if you do not already have one in order to hear the heartbeats of the patient’s heart.

It permits to control diastolic and systolic pressures visually through the manometer, and auditorily through the stethoscope.

To choose the best manual blood pressure monitor, you have to pay attention at the armband. If it is too loose or too tight you have the insurance that the results will not be correct and therefore it can put your life in danger in case of a real heart problem. It is essential to have an adjustable cuff, adapted to the morphology of each patient in order to display the most reliable result possible.

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