Portable Electrical Muscle Stimulator

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What you need to know about the portable electrical muscle stimulator


What are the different uses of the portable electrical muscle stimulator?


Portable electrical muscle stimulator is used to fight against pain like electrical micro-impulses. This electrotherapy is nowadays widely used in rehabilitation medicine as well as in centres specialized in the treatment of pain, with often conclusive results. The accuracy of the currents makes it possible to target the analgesic action according to the pathologies (back pain, muscle melting, bone or joint trauma). Some physical electrostimulation devices are specially adapted for the treatment of pain such as the digital electrostimulation device EM 80 Beurer which includes a painkiller therapy option.


This portable electrical muscle stimulator is used in recovery programs. It increases blood circulation and promotes faster muscle regeneration after sustained effort. The use of physical electrostimulation equipment in recovery makes it easier to link training by limiting muscle fatigue. The endurance-type programs, on the other hand, improve the oxidative capacities of muscle fibres and result in an increase in the duration of an average effort that one is able to provide over a very long period of time. Electrostimulation is used to improve explosive force (speed of contraction) in many sports such as swimming, football or running.


Electrostimulation increases the amount of training and to better physical  recovery. It saves time, efficiency and performance.

If you want to develop your abdominals, electrostimulation belts are for you!


Benefits of the portable electrical muscle stimulator


A short training of electrostimulation is enough to train your muscles well. You can focus your workout on targeted muscles.Electrostimulation is therefore recommended in the fight against atrophy, and for muscle building. Electrostimulation will allow you to recover more efficiently: indeed blood circulation increases and toxins are eliminated more effectively. You can use your portable electrical muscle stimulator at any time, during your training, at home, in the gym... Due to their compact size the portable electrical muscle stimulator can be taken anywhere with you. The Compex or Globus portable electrical muscle stimulator produces a relief effect in your pains; moreover it allows the stimulation of slow and fast muscle fibers. Slow fibers are mainly used in sports requiring prolonged effort. Fast muscle fibres play an important role in sports that combine power and speed. You will find among our various products, the Compex Electrostimulator or the Globus Electrostimulator as well as other known brands.


Electrostimulation brings many benefits to your body. We have compiled a list with the various results that you can obtain following the use of portable electrical muscle stimulator:


- Increases and builds muscle strength (elasticity, tone, muscle warming)


- Improves your athletic performance (stamina, strength, concentration, muscle development)


- Improves recovery after your athletic efforts


- muscle toning and strengthening: belly, thighs, buttocks


- Relieves the pain


How to use a portable electrical muscle stimulator?


Certain device of portable electrical muscle stimulator propose specific programs in certain sports such as the ski, running or the cycling. So the portable electrical muscle stimulator Globus Elite S2 100 programs Fitness Beauty will be specialized in the practice of the fitness and will help you have a more rounded body. Furthermore, you will find on our website Globus portable electrical muscle stimulator. It will be necessary to you to work the the most requested muscles and in the appropriate mode (endurance, resistance, explosive strength ...) to optimize your performances. It is also interesting, on the contrary, to work muscles little requested in your usual sports activity. You can use the electrostimulation before sports activity or after (recovery, massage ...). Each electrostimulation session may last from 5 minutes to 1 or 2 hours, including warm-up and recovery sessions. It is however advisable to comply with the duration of the program indicated by your electrostimulators. It is advisable to use your Professional Electrostimulator between 2 and 6 times a week and per muscle, depending on the program chosen. Muscle electrostimulation consists of the passage of a weak current of stimulation at the level of a muscle or group of muscles at work or at rest, by means of surface electrodes. The positioning of the latter is essential in order to obtain the best possible results. There are different sizes of electrodes: small ones are preferably used on small ones, large ones will be used on large ones. You will need to place two or more electrodes on the muscles you want to stimulate. You will see a significant result after three to four weeks of using your device.


What are the principal characteristics to choose your portable electrical muscle stimulator?


You have the choice between several devices of portable electrical muscle stimulator proposing various programs. Here is the list which summarizes the various characteristics of our range of medical portable electrical muscle stimulator:



- The programs are many on portable electrical muscle stimulator. There are predefined programs which are going to help you during your sports sessions. These programs are defined according to the objectives which you wish to reach. Example: sporting program, fitness, abdominal muscles, painkiller, heating, muscular reeducation, gainage, etc.


- The device’s power supply is available in several forms, you will find devices that work on batteries but also on batteries.


- Use battery-powered devices because they have a higher range.


- Standards are very important as this will determine the conformity of the device.portable electrical muscle stimulator electrodes will be placed on your skin so be sure to check whether the manufacturer complies with European and international standards.


If you are looking for a device to improve your explosivity, you will need a fairly compact device with 4 channels. In order to improve the speed of contraction of your muscles you need to choose intense strength programs.


Are you looking for a device that has an analgesic action? Choose an entry-level device that will more than meet your expectations. Thanks to electrical micro-pulses, nerve fibres will awaken and help relieve your pain.