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How does a body composition monitor work?


The body composition monitor is a scale that permits to calculate the fat rate in the body. For a long time reserved to doctors, the body composition monitor is now accessible to private individuals. This type of scale is ideal for people looking to lose weight. This will let you know if you are losing muscle, water or fat during your diet.


However, this type of  impedance meter is not suitable for people wearing a pacemaker or pregnant women. Because the impedance meter is equipped with electrodes. Thanks to this system that the device will be able to measure the conductivity between your different tissues. Indeed, as you position your feet on these electrodes, an electric current of very low intensity will pass through your body. This current easily penetrates the fluids contained in the muscle tissue but will face greater resistance when it is necessary to cross the fat.


It is from there, and depending on your age, sex and height, that the scale calculates a percentage of fat mass relative to your weight. Depending on the model, some medical body composition monitors will give you more information such as your muscle mass, your water mass rate (the percentage of water) and your bone mass. If you want to stay on a classic mechanical model running with a needle, Girodmedical advises you its range of medical scale renowned for their solidity, reliability and quality.


How to use an an accurate body composition monitor?


When you are going to use the professional  body compositor monitor for the first time, you will have to meet some important criteria in order to make your results as reliable as possible.For most impedance meter, you should enter some personal data such as gender, age and size. In order to keep track, the data is stored in memory.As with all scales, you will put both feet on the scale.The weigh is then calculated, by means of a complex mathematical formula, the percentage of body fat mass.To carry out your tests and thus obtain reliable and concrete results, it is essential to follow these conditions:


  • Fasting at least 4 hours before weighing yourself.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before.
  • Do not practice sports 24 hours before.
  • Lie on your back a few minutes before taking bodily measurements.
  • Periods of menstruation for women can reduce measurement variations.


What is the importance of using an impedance meter?


The classic weight scale has only one option. It will simply give you your weight in kilograms. A reliable and accurate body compositor monitor will  give you further information, it will indicate you in particular the body fat. The fat is vital for your body, but to have it in excess will expose you to a lot of risks. By calculating the report between your weight in fat and your weight in fabrics, you will be able to better check your weighty curve and consequently your health. The information given by an impedance meter are the following ones:


  • The weight, the classic information on a normal scale.
  • The percentage in term of fat mass
  • The percentage in term of the bone mass
  • The lack (or which are the nutritional needs that you should take)
  • The percentage of fat on the viscera.

    The professional impedance meter will provide you access to many other information that only health professionals had access to a short time ago. The hydration rate, for example, which is the percentage of body water. The body is made of 60% of water, this information is of paramount importance, and can inform you about your health. Mood and tiredness are problems that can be related to a dehydration. Cramps, vomiting can also be improved with better hydration. The data provided by the impedance meter will be very useful to you, it will allow you to know how many kilos of fat you hold and how many kilos are derived from lean tissues such as muscles and bones. You can then interpret the results displayed by your body composition monitor.
    For men the average fat mass is between 10% and 25% and for women the average fat mass is between 20% and 35%. In addition, some body composition monitors such as smart scales are objects connected to a WiFi or Bluetooth network. They will be able to exchange their data automatically to a PC or smartphone. This will make your appointments with your doctor easier. You will be able to process the results quickly, and especially take them with you wherever you.