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How to choose the best medical scrubs?


For a long time, the medical scrub is often represented by white colour for a particular reason: hygiene. In fact, the colour of the blood differing better on the white, it was this colour that was chosen for the gowns of nurses. Two uses of the gown should be distinguished among the different models of nurses gowns: in health facilities or in liberal practice. If you are practising in a hospital setting, work dress will often be defined by the institution. Then choose a rather sober outfit. With regard to Liberal nurses, there are no specific rules and standards other than hygiene. Greater freedom in dress is therefore allowed.

As far as the material is concerned, choose a gown made of polyester or poly cotton. Its insulating properties make it comfortable, its resistance to temperature rise prevents any risk of excessive perspiration and finally, its low particle emission considerably reduces the risk of bacteria transmissions. The medical gown must be adapted to your morphology to allow you easy movement. The outfit should be both light and comfortable. Use a thick coat to avoid any risk of tearing fabric. Are you a nurse or a caregiver? Do you work in the health field? Girodmedical recommends you its full range of medical gown for caregiver.


What is the importance of medical clothing?


A recent study shows that 50% of medical white coats carry pathogenic germs. Sampling of pockets and sleeves and various locations of the gown did indeed show that in every second case the gown was infected with a pathogenic micro-organism. It is therefore necessary to wear a gown to protect against the various infections that can be transmitted from patient to doctor. You will need to choose a comfortable scrub to be comfortable in all your movements. The medical scrub must therefore be short enough to avoid the discomfort of movement caused by the overcrowded gowns. It also needs to be flexible enough for loose movements. Sleeveless scrubs, like the EMC medical scrub, are very practical because they allow freedom of movement and so you will be able to be more comfortable.


What are the different kinds of white scrubs?


The work uniform of health professionals is important, so you have to make your choice based on a number of specific criteria. Fabric, details, price, everything is done so that the medical gowns on sale on Girodmedical are practical work clothes for health professionals. You will also find on our website different models of blouses: long sleeves, short sleeves, square collar, V-shaped; asymmetrical or even officer. You can easily find the gown that suits your needs. The medical white blouse with short sleeves Véronica LAF03013 Lafont is very easy to put on thanks to its snap closure. Its large pockets on the side will allow you to carry your medical equipment with you.


How to take care and clean you medical scrub?


It is important to maintain a good and clean outfit at work. It is essential to have several  outfits in order to be able to change your outfit every day. To minimize the risk of contamination, it is imperative to you wash your medical gown every day. For washing, Girodmedical advises you to wash your medical clothes with  cold water without exceeding 40°C. Do not put these medical scrubs in the dryer. This could damage the thin layers and thus spoil your clothing. If you want to iron your medical uniform you have the possibility to iron at low temperature. If you have just spilled a solution on your coat, it is absolutely not necessary to rub on the coat but rather to try to suck the products with ultra absorbent paper. If you have to wash your coat, do not put other clothes with it to avoid any risk of transfer of germs or microbes. You work in a drugstore? Girodmedical offers its drugstore gowns specially designed for staff working in drugstores, optical centres and wellness centres.


Where should you buy your medical scrub?


Your first reflex would be to go to a department store? Be careful because many models are not always made of cotton and are not suitable for your needs. Currently, most are bad qualities, the thickness of the fabrics is much less dense so after many washes you will be forced to change the gown. In order to be best guided through your choice for a medical scrub. Girodmedical offers you its entire range of medical outfit , where the quality will be present because they are made by major brands, such as Lafont or Comed. In fact, the medical gowns that we offer you are very good qualities, which meet the latest European and international standards and all at a very reasonable price. Girodmedical recommends its range of nursing scrubs specially designed for caregivers, doctors, nurses, etc.


Personalize your medical clothes at Girodmedical!


Now you have the possibility to customize your own medical scrub at Girodmedical. This option makes the difference between all other gowns. You have the choice of several colors in order to customize it even more by putting your favorite color on your medical work clothes. We also offer different font styles according to your favorite writing style. Before placing an order, make sure to check the “add embroidery” option and then let yourself be guided through our website. Customization brings several benefits:


- Patients will recognize you quickly.

- Your colleagues will remember your first/last name.

- No one can borrow your gown.

- You will find your gown among the other gowns more quickly.


Girodmedical offers you the medical coat Lafont long sleeves, this blouse allows you to opt for the embroidery option according to your choice.