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Choose the correct thermometer, reliable and precise among our selection

The use of the medical thermometer


The medical thermometer is a general diagnostic device used in the medicine kit for both physicians and individuals to measure and display the temperature of the human body. From unusual use in the home to daily handling within the medical profession, electronic thermometers need to offer more and more features to meet our needs. It is true that everyone can have their preferences as to how to take their temperature. some people don’t want to use a rectal thermometer, because it bothers them, and others use it, because it gives very accurate results. At Girodmedical, we offer you and recommend you the use of an ear thermometer, which offers a more hygienic use than other types of thermometers, while being easy to use.


Which thermometer use?


Since the disappearance of the thermometer in the mercury thanks to the European agreement of 2007 and enforced in 2009, since one piece of news(short story) range of device became more democratic: the digital thermometer. Today, there are moreover numerous models there, adapting itself to the use of each. Indeed, you do not go to buy the same thermometer if it is to use it on an adult, an infant or a child. Besides, every person is going to prefer a mode of grip(taking) of temperature. You will thus have the choice on the thermometer which you can choose, of numerous models being available, it will be necessary to make the good choice according to your use(custom) among the big families of thermometers


First of all, the digital thermometer, which is the most common model, the one that replaced mercury thermometers. This type of thermometer is known for its speed of execution and display of temperature. Once the temperature is taken, the measurement is displayed on a digital screen in a very legible way to facilitate reading. These devices are very easy to use and very practical due to their size and small footprint. Several measurement methods are possible for its use. The most reliable is the rectal temperature intake, which guarantees precise measurement and simplicity, because it is very simple to place the device, even on babies. Otherwise, you can measure the temperature by placing the digital thermometer in the patient’s mouth. However, you will need to be vigilant when measuring a child’s temperature. In fact, the child should not be injured in the event of a false movement. Finally, it is possible to take the temperature by placing the thermometer under the armpits, which allows to ensure safety and comfort when taking the measurement, as well as to facilitate the taking of the temperature.


Then, ear thermometers are going to get the heat of the eardrum to supply a precise and especially hygienic measure. It is exactly these two assets which make it, today, one of the thermometers the most used by the healthcare professionals. Moreover, to guarantee a maximal hygiene, it is possible and recommended to use tips single-use disposable little fingers. So, every measure will benefit from an optimal care. The thermometer takes place inside the ear and is going to get heat emitted by the eardrum and its surrounding fabrics. So, it allows a very fast and practical use. However, it is necessary to pay attention during the grip of the temperature, because elements such as a plug of earwax or simply a bad position of the device can distort the measure. Care must be taken to ensure that the person’s ear is not cluttered and that the device is properly positioned. To do this, it is recommended to pull the ear up to facilitate placement of the device.


You can buy a infrared thermometer, which is more hygienic and easier to use. In fact, to use it, it is enough to approach the patient’s forehead. It is also called a frontal thermometer. Just like the ear thermometer, it is less disturbing than some other models, because you don’t need to remove your clothes to take your patient’s temperature. In addition, it offers rapid analysis. This type of remote thermometer works by capturing and analysing infrared radiation emitted by the human body. This device reduces the risk of infection by quickly and accurately detecting body temperature.


But, the frontal thermometer is not recommended for infants and children less then 2 years old. For young children, it is advisable to use the rectal or oral thermometer for a more precise result. For infants and very young children, we offer you a selection of baby thermometers. These devices will be adapted to take temperature on a young child, who generally does not take temperature easily. For this purpose we have selected for you thermometers pacifiers or thermometers with infrared distance, to take the temperature even when your child sleeps without waking him.


Why should you buy your thermometer on Girodmedical?


On our online shop, you can find a wide selection of electronic thermometers to take your body temperature. Among these products, you will be able to find the one you need, whether it’s your adult thermometer or a baby thermometer. We have selected for you the best devices, in order to choose the most reliable medical thermometer. Many models are available, but especially different types of thermometers. You will be able to find the ear thermometer, thermoflash, etc. You will then be able to find the model you need, depending on the use you want to make of it. As for the budget, we thought of you. Indeed, we offer you a selection of body thermometers at unbeatable prices, with promotions that are added on many models.


Why is it important to check your temperature?


Normal body temperature fluctuates between 36°C and 37.2°C depending on individuals, time of day or menstrual cycle. All these factors can change your body’s temperature and turn it into a fever. We are talking about a fever above 38°C, often due to a viral or bacterial infection. It is necessary to have a very good body thermometer to be able to take the temperature quickly and advise. Fever is not a pain to be taken lightly. It can also prevent more severe symptoms, such as hyperthyroidism. In newborns and young children, consult the doctor if the fever is accompanied by irritability or constant crying, as this may be a sign of a more serious infection, such as meningitis.


When a child has a fever, his or her immune system, which is more fragile than that of an adult, must be closely monitored. Girodmedical offers you its selection of baby thermometers to better monitor the temperature of your infant. In children, fever can lead to two types of complications: dehydration and sometimes seizures. Seizures occur in children between 9 months and 5 years of age (4% of children do). They have no serious consequences. But you still have to be vigilant, which is why a thermometer is very useful to accompany your child’s growth and good health.