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Come and discover our digital blood pressure monitors on Girodmedical

Girodmedical propose you  a lot of digital blood pressure monitors brands like Omron monitors, Spengler, Beurer. We guarantee you a reliable and sure result.

Digital blood pressure monitors must have certain features in order to be as efficient as possible. An adjustable cuff that allows the user to fix the cuff in order to have the most reliable and accurate measurement possible. It is also preferable that the measuring device be equipped with a large display screen to show the main information such as heart rate, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, liquid crystal display...

It exists two types od digital blood pressure monitors: the digital wrist blood pressure monitor and the upper arm blood pressure monitor:

The digital wrist blood pressure is more convenient to transport and faster to take your measurement. You will manage to put it in your bag if your are away for a business reason.

The digital upper arm blood pressure monitor is either used by healthcare professionals or  private individuals.

How to use a digital blood pressure monitor?

These are the steps you should follow to take your blood pressure:

  1. First of all, make sure you are in a calm and relaxed area.
  2. Then you have to sit at least 5 minutes. Do not eat, drink or smoke while resting.
  3. Sit down on a chair, your feet should be on the ground and keep your back straight. The armband has to be at the same level as your heart. Remove any constructive clothing or jewelry that may interfere with cuff placement.
  4. Press the power button, hit the start button, do it twice or three times to make sure the result is sure. Leave the cuff 1-2 minutes. Wait a couple of minutes between readings. For each readings wait 5 minutes if your blood pressure seems too high. Finally record your readings on your app, thanks to bluetooth connection.
  5. After this, you can switch on the blood pressure monitor, do not eat or talk during the inflation and deflation of the armband.
  6. 3 measurements in the morning, 3 measurements in the evening, 3 days in a row at the same time.

Stress, the body position, physical effort are factors who influence blood pressure measurement.

You will have to be watchful, researches proves that one person on three do not take well the blood pressure measurement. This is due to the bad positioning of the traditional armbands.

Moreover, certain blood pressure monitors have a great technology which permits to avoid these problems while taking the blood pressure measurements. It is the case of Omron blood pressure monitors, world leader of blood pressure monitors sales.

The difference between the digital upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors is that with the upper arm monitor you have to be more patient because it take more time and also for private individuals it is more easy to use the  wrist blood pressure monitors.

What are the advantages of a digital blood blood pressure monitor?

A digital blood pressure monitor is easy the use and it is either for healthcare professionals or for private individuals. Thanks to this, you can keep an eye on your blood pressure without loosing time.

A digital BP monitor follows an automatic mechanism. In line with advanced technologies, the data or the reading given by the monitor can be saved in the monitor’s memory and you can also take out printouts if you like. Thus, when you have a permanent report in your hand, you can get it evaluated when you like.

At any moment you can check your blood pressure level.

Digital blood pressure monitors can often take multiple readings over an extended period of time. Using a blood pressure monitor guarantee you reliable and sure results.

How accurate are digital BP monitors?

A digital blood pressure monitor is very accurate. The margin of error low. It is better to check your blood pressure monitor every two years or after a shock. This checking permits to update the data.

Certain blood pressure monitors memorise values but you can also write the results in a diary. This permits to follow the data evolution.

Finally it is very important de know that digital blood pressure monitors are not adapted to people who suffers of vascular diseases or pathologies that alter the pulse, such as arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation.

Be sure that on Girodmedical we offer you the best digital blood pressure monitors at the best price. A lot of our monitors have been clinically tested and validated.