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A blood pressure monitor is a blend of manual monitor (electric or inflatable), and of an inflatable armband (either on the arm or on the wrist). This device helps patients knowing if they suffer from arterial hypertension or hypotension (high or low blood pressure).
Whether it be manual or electric, nowadays tensiometers are really easy to use, thanks to various improvements which have been done on last models. Supervised by a health professional, the patient can proceed to a self measurement, sparing themselves several displacements.

You are willing to buy a blood pressure machine in the next days? But you are a bit lost with all our choice and you don’t know which one to choose. Don’t worry we have prepared a couple of questions which will help you to answer: how to choose the right blood pressure monitor?

Whether you are looking for a Spengler, an Omron or even a MicroLife monitor, be sure that you will find it on GirodMedical ! We can propose you a wide variety of blood pressure monitors.

We can suggest you blood monitors at a very interesting price. Generally it coasts 40% less than those in drugstores for the same product.

With more than 400 000 customers, our presence in the European market allows us to negotiate the more attractive prices with the manufacturers of blood monitors. We offer you an exceptional quality of service.

Which blood pressure monitor should you choose?

We propose two different types of monitors : electric blood pressure monitors and manual ones.

Manual blood pressure monitors are rather reserved to health professionals when electric blood pressure monitors can be used by both professionals or private individuals.

Electric monitors are more and more used nowadays, thanks to their reliability, precision and their capacity of memorising registered data. Our best seller in this category is the Omron M3 : it has a great price-quality ratio and it is a reference in this field.

We also propose manual blood pressure monitors reference with great capacities like the LIAN Nano, by Spengler.

You will finally have to choose between an armband and a wrist monitor. Both have different characteristics. Armband monitor is more cumbersome, but it doesn’t need as much rigor as the wrist monitor (which requires to be placed against the chest).

You can use blood pressure tests at home using your own digital blood pressure monitor. For some people who are a bit nervous for example, taking their blood pressure at home can be favourable. Home blood pressure monitors are useful in some way. Also, people who are often not available because they have too much work, can take their blood pressure while they’re out. You can buy a variety of cheap blood pressure monitor in UK such as the brands we sell:

- A&D
- Microlife
- Omron
- Beurer
- Hartmann

It is important to choose the best blood pressure monitor which fits you.

First of all you have to look at the shape of your arm, then you have to look at your daily rhythm. Are you more an active person or are you more a person who has a sedentary life ?

If you are more an active person, never at home, you might prefer the wrist blood pressure monitor. It is much more light and more easy to carry., thanks to it’s compact design. If you have a sedentary life, both will suit you.

Do not forget that the upper arm blood pressure monitor is much more simple to use. Moreover, to put the armband, you need to be attentive on what you are doing and it takes more time.

If you are pregnant, make sure the blood pressure monitor you choice is adapted to you. That’s why you should buy a blood a pressure that is clinically tested and validated. A lot of our monitors are clinically tested and validated, this is very important.

If you fancy, connected objects, Girodmedical has the solution for you.

You are looking for a bluetooth blood pressure monitor?

Some blood pressure monitors can transfer your readings to your smartphone. We can propose you different smart blood pressure monitors.Thanks to the bluetooth technology, you will be able to share the results with your doctor, and get a deeper understanding of your health over time.

Don’t worry, if you are more someone who is not totally comfortable with new technologies, we can also suggest you the USB cable blood pressure monitor.

Moreover, the bluetooth model is improving, by connecting your information to a computer thanks to the Bi-Link software; this model is called Omron M7 IT.

We have selected for you our 4 best bluetooth blood pressure monitors :

- Omron M7 Intelli IT
- Omron Evolv
- Microlife BP A6
- Hartmann Duo Control Veroval

Why should I buy a blood pressure monitor?

You should buy a blood pressure monitor if you are someone concerned by self control of blood pressure. If you are affected by theses criteria you might recognize you in one of these profil:

- First of all, people who are more than 50 years old are surely more hazardous to have a high blood pressure than younger people. A self-measurement is perfect to measure their blood pressure at home.
From the age of 50, it is very important to go and see your doctor to do a check-up at least once a year.
- People suffering of overweight are also more hazardous to have a high blood pressure. To protect yourself from stroke, you have to be vigilant.
- Generally people who have one or many member of their family who have high blood pressure. It can be genetic.
- Menopausal woman, once they don’t have their period anymore, women have higher risks of having high blood pressure.
- People who have low blood pressure, even if it is not as dangerous as high blood pressure, you have to be careful and control it often to make should there isn’t any problems.

Do not forget that even if you check your blood pressure at home it doesn’t replace a medical monitoring.

How does a blood pressure monitor work?

To begin, blood pressure is measured using a sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure monitor. Then you will have to know that if your blood pressure is recorded as 120/80, the number on top is the systolic pressure and the bottom number diastolic.

It is measures in millimetres of mercury. 120/80 mmHg is a good blood pressure. When your heart squeezes and pushes your blood through your arteries, your blood pressure goes up. When your heart is relaxed, your blood pressure goes down.

How to measure blood pressure?

We are now going to see at what arterial pressure corresponds to:

- Arterial pressure corresponds to the pressure exerted by blood on the arterial linings
- Arterial pressure is divided into two types of measures : systolic and diastolic arterial tension
- When the heart is pumping up the blood, it is systolic arterial tension. On the contrary, diastolic arterial tension corresponds to the relaxation of the heart. For example, a 14/8 tension corresponds to a systolic arterial tension of 14 and a diastolic arterial tension of 8.

It should be noted that the maximum value is 14/9, beyond, it is what we called hypertension (high blood pressure), and it presents potential vascular or cerebral risks. The minimum value is 10/6, below, it is what we can call hypotension (low blood pressure), it is not necessarily dangerous, but it should be checked.

You should keep an eye on arterial pressure because strokes (cerebro-vascular accident) represents 130 000 cases, of whom 50 000 died. Better to know that only one of ten people will not keep any after-effects of a cerebro-vascular accident.

The most reliable device to measure your arterial pressure is the blood pressure monitor. GirodMedical is aware of how dangerous could be a stroke, this is why we only propose you real quality diagnosis products.

On, our products are guaranteed to be high quality and reliable. Indeed in our selection, you will find blood pressure monitors recommended by doctors and confirmed by the National Health and service (NHS). You still do not know which blood pressure monitor to choose? Our business team will be happy to help you by answering your questions and advising you.