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Discover our varied scales range adapted for you


What is a weight scale?


A weight scale is a device to measure weight or mass. Before it was a device that displayed weight by measuring a deflection, such as a spring scale.


Nowadays, weight scales are more and more sophisticated and propose specific and reliable services. With the rise of new technologies came a new range of scale: the digital weight scale, giving access to different data directly on your smartphone using an app on your mobile, analysis of your weight over a period, nutritional advice. So as to have a real follow-up of your weight curve.


People generally gain weight because of these factors:


  • - Genetics ( obesity has a strong genetic component. Children of obese parents are much more likely to become obese than children of lean parents)
  • - By eating junk food
  • - By eating too much
  • - Certain drugs
  • - Poverty
  • - By not practicing any sport


Thanks to the bathroom scales you are able to check your gaining weight.


How to choose the right scale?


When you're looking to lose weight, a reliable scale is a must.

You have to ask yourself a few questions before buying a weight scale. First of all you must look at your weight, because scales have limited weight capacity. Most standard scales have a maximum weight of 300 pounds. You must also look at the calibration settings, the body fat measurements and the precise measurements.

We may wonder what are the different weight scales that exists :

  • - The smart scale

  • - The medical scale

  • - The baby weight

  • - The digital scale

  • - The mechanical scale

They all propose different type of characteristics. It depend of the use you have of it.

There are a lot of good scales but you may wonder which are the best bathroom scales?

On Girodmedical we have famous and accurate weight scales brands like Tanita, Sanitas, Omron, Beurer and much more others.

These are our top sellers of weight scales:

  • Tanita BC 545: this bathroom scale is  the perfect choice for fitness, based on the latest technology. It is recommended by doctors, a lot of hospitals use it. It has a modern design with convenient retractable hand electrodes, 5 person memory, breaks down body composition into 5 segments.

  • Tanita RD 545: This scale is good for tracking your fitness progress. Analyses the composition of your body it does it separately for different body parts. You can connect it to your smartphone, thanks to the Bluetooth technology.

  • Glass scale Beurer GS XXL: this scale has an extra large standing surface, it can measure up to 200 kg, especially suitable for heavy person.

On, our products are guaranteed to be high quality and reliable. Indeed in our selection you will find a lot of scales. You still do not know which weight scale too choose? Our business team will be happy to help you by answering your questions and advising you.