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Which portable massage table choose?


What are the principal chracteristics of a portable massage table?


The portable massage table is intended for massage professionals including physiotherapists and masseurs, but also for private individuals. The foldable professional massage table allows you to handle any person suffering from back pain or curvature.Its foldable function allows it to be easily transportable thanks to its travel pouch. You can take it anywhere with you.

Find the whole range of Mediprem folding massage tables specially designed for professionals.


Ergonomically designed, you are guaranteed to use a massage table that is easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its easy installation. Girodmedical offers you the best of medical furniture including the folding massage table Ecopostural.


When purchasing your foldable massage table, it is necessary to check the presence of cables under it in order to guarantee the stability of a traditional massage table and prevent it from tipping forward or backward.Regarding its ideal weight, if you are not likely to work with overweight people, then 200 kg is sufficient.


How to choose your portable massage table?


The first purchasing criterion of a folding table of massage is its weight: indeed, you will necessarily be brought to transport it and to move with it. These transportable massage tables are consisted of material as the wood or the aluminum. It is the main factor influencing their weight. The wood, more resistant and handier on the long term, remains however heavier. The aluminum will be more strong.


Another important characteristic during the purchase of a professional table of massage is its width: 70 cm is the minimum to allow the patient to have the arm along the body, then more than 80 cms for more elaborate exercises of mobilizations so that the patient feels safe, but also so that the professional does not have to bend during the sessions of massage. Generally, the standard measurements are from 70 to 76 cm.

The length of a professional folding table should be taken into account. It varies between 180 and 195 cm (without taking into account the headrest)



Note that the size and weight of the massage table increase, as a result, the price of the latter. You also have the possibility to add certain accessories in order to optimize the user’s comfort, such as the armrest and the tadpole. However, it is essential that the lightweight folding massage table not exceed 20 kg, see 10 kg ideally to the dimensions 90 x 70 cm once folded, with 20 cm thickness to be able to be stored in a transport cover.


These folding massage tables are available in different colours so you can choose the color you want.


About the composition of these folding massage tables, choosing the right professional folding table depends on the use you want to make of it. Folding osteopathy tables will be the most suitable to treat a pathology by looking for its origin on the whole body. As for physiotherapists, the physiotherapy tables must be easily adjustable during the consultation. You will find a wide choice of electric massage tables for efficient adjustment.


These folding physiotherapy tables are suitable for any massage (Thai, Amma, etc.) They can also be used as reiki tables for a more energetic approach.


Regarding the thickness and density of the mattress foam on your folding care table, know that it must be comfortable.In general, it is advisable to have a mattress height of at least 5 cm. Regarding the density of the foam, it ideally varies between 18 kg/m3 and 40 kg/m3.


The headrest, often available as an option, makes the massage more comfortable for its user. Thanks to a height and depth adjustment and thus avoid neck pain.


What are the advantages of a folding massage table for professionals?


The lightweight folding massage table is suitable for all users, professional or private, but also for students. They rarely have free access to a massage table: the foldable massage table allows to revise the technical gestures anywhere and at any time.


Easily transportable, you can take it with you to take part in outdoor events (match, conferences, etc.) such as the light folding massage table.


For masseurs or physiotherapists wishing to offer a home massage activity, a folding care table will be ideal to work comfortably and efficiently. These folding massage tables can be easily installed by the professional and will occupy a very little space.


The different purchase criteria of the foldable massage table depend on your need and your activity, for professionals: target your potential customers and their morphologies to choose the most suitable medical furniture for your use.


The benefits provided by the folding osteo tables are numerous and meet the needs of customers and service providers. The choice depends on the use you wish to make.


They have a high quality and reliability with impeccable professional resistance.