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Discover our smart weight scale range on Girodmedical


How does a smart weight scale work?


The connected weight scale is a measurement device of weight used a lot in families. Its function allows to give a reliable result as well as an optimal follow-up. Indeed, the development of the connected objects is growing very fast. That permits to propose a large range of connected weight scales.


Its purchase brings you a daily help to know every detail and evolution of your body and your body fat. Bluetooth bathroom scales of the 21st century permits you to connect your smartphone so that you get a real follow-up of your weight at real time and in the long run to have the best follow-up like BMI calculation, ideal weight achieved, the amount of kg too loose...


So many data transcribed into graphs on your smartphone so that you can see the results of your efforts and direct them to the defined goals.

You will have to download the right application with the digital scale and then collect the information by the measuring device to follow your evolution.


Do not forget  that certain connected weight scale offer you the possibility of having an access to your heart rhythm at real time  simply by weighing yourself, thanks to the pulse which confronts through your feet.

Certain model of digital weight scale permits you to follow you body data but also to learn how to eat well and better to lose weight without depriving yourself.


Girodmedical propose you the best smart bathroom scales available online. Generally easy to use, you will have access to a large choice of body composition monitors with a lot of options, reliable and perfectly adapted to your needs. You have the insurance to buy a weight scale which will work in the long run.


Which connected scale choose?


When people want to buy a connected weight scale it is generally too lose weight and have the insurance that the scale is reliable.

It exists different types of smart weight scales with have  different options depending what you are looking for. For example for a sporty person you will have the possibility to have access to your body fat, that the connected scale calculate. The smartphone application has to be the more comfortable so that you are able to use it easily.

Fun, clear and fast,  will surprise you!


There is also a completely different kind of connected weight scale mainly intended for large families that can take into account and keep a history of several users. This functionality makes it possible to have a real tracking compatible with the smartphone or tablet of each family member so that everyone can have the figures corresponding to his own weight gain.



You will also find all sorts of electronic and ergonomic scales that are fully adapt to the environment of your inside.

In short, when you are at the point to buy a weight scale, keep in mind that there are different protocols of connection, compatibility with smartphones, BMI measurements.

What are the advantages of the bluetooth weight scale?


The connected scale is very convenient because it offers you a lot of freedom, thanks to the bluetooth connection and its smartphone application. Bluetooth body fat scales presents a lot of advantages like the fact that you can follow from very close your weight and the body mass index. The user can then see at any time an increase of his weight or his BMI. Thanks to these smart weight scale, the user can intervene quickly because he has a follow-up on his mobile application.The connected scale is a good solution to lose weight in long run. Scales has become a device used a lot in the medical field. Everyone can use it, people appreciate a lot the speed of it, you can directly see all the details on your smartphone.