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Guide of the electric massage tables


Presentation of our electric tables range for professionals


Discover our electric tables massage range from Girodmedical: a very wide choice of models, 2 or 3 plans, intended for the physiotherapists, the osteopaths, the massage parlors. Selected among the biggest marks that are Ecopostural, Promotal or still Carina, those proposed by Girodmedical will delight you due to their features, their ease of use and their quality of manufacturing.

The height adjustment can be done by means of an electric foot control or a peripheral bar, easily accessible from either side of the electric table.


For electric massage tables with peripheral bar, height adjustment is achieved by pushing on the bars around the frame. On electric foot-operated massage tables, the user will adjust the height by means of the pedal or manual control. This type of height adjustment of the massage table is an advantage for the practitioner, since he can keep his hands free and continue his care. The types of records may also differ from table to table. Thus, you can choose between tables with more or less long and wide backrests with gas cylinder adjustment system, head system or even rack system. It is essential to check that your electric osteopathy table has a reinforcement under the folding back to allow better stability and resistance.

Several densities are used for electric massage tables.

Flexible, balanced, firm, very firm or hard, you will necessarily find the model that suits your professional use.

Finally, on the massage tables of the manufacturer Ecopostural you can opt for the comfort headrest option with a wider face cavity, which will guarantee comfort and optimal position to the patient during long manipulations. You will be able to choose the color of your table from a range of 25 colors.

We offer electric treatment tables selected from the leading manufacturers of medical furniture, including the Ecopostural electric massage tables.


How to find the right massage table which fits you the best?


Electrical tables for the practice of osteology or kinesiology must have certain specific characteristics in order to make therapeutic practice easier: possibility to have a headrest with proclive and inclined or to have a massage table with electric cyphosis and the leg part lift or tilt.


Be sure to choose a work tool that is adapted to your occupation-specific manipulations.


- Choose the size of the electric massage sofa: two important points must be taken into account: the practitioner’s size, as well as that of the majority of your patients (sports osteopath, physiotherapist for individuals, retirement homes, masseurs..)

- Choose the type of chassis of your table: with lateral offset or a crossframe without lateral offset, with vertical elevation.

- Choose your number of plans: from one to four, clearly define your need in relation to your patients and professional habits.

Our advice: for optimal use, it is more pleasant to work with an electric massage table for osteopaths two or three planes in order to have a modular tool.

- Choose the type of electrical control: define if you need a device bar control to adjust the height of your table or if you are more comfortable with a foot control.

- Choose the foam density: on some electric massage tables, you will be able to choose a foam support adapted to your practice with a more or less dense foam. The higher the density of the foam, the harder the mattress will be.

- Choosing a high density of foam is recommended for osteopaths practicing structural osteopathy.

- Choose the type of head: We offer different sizes of head more or less wide with removable facial cavity. You will find on the models of Ecopostural tables a variation of about fifteen different types of tadpoles with rounded, rectangular finishes, with or without resthands and facial holes allowing perfect breathing for the patient.

- Choose your table colour: Ecopostural now allows the customization of electric massage tables for professionals in 25 different colours.

If you are a professional practising at home and you need an easily transportable table, discover our range of folding massage tables.


Electric massage tables for physiotherapy and quality osteo


Physiotherapists can have long and intense sessions because of the treatment that requires more in-depth massages than other therapeutic massages.

The patient should be positioned comfortably on an electric massage table for physiotherapy. The quality of the foam, the width of the mattress and many other criteria must be taken into account in order to have a quality electric physiotherapy table and to be as efficient and comfortable as possible for the customers.


Osteopaths may be required to practice methods of cranial osteopathy.To do this, the patient must leave the forward forward arms on the table. It is then advisable to have an electric table whose end can be extended. Unlike the electric tables for physiotherapists, the electric tables dedicated to osteopaths are relatively narrow. They facilitate consultation for the osteopath, allowing him to change sides quickly.


On Girodmedical.com, you will find the range of Carina electric massage tables, which will provide unquestionable comfort for your patient. If you are still unable to choose your electric massage table, do not hesitate to contact our advice before sale: 02 40 58 98 00.