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Where to buy your wrist blood pressure monitor?

Girodmedical offer you the best selection of wrist blood pressure monitors on the market. Come and discover in our catalog the best monitors brands like Omron, Beurer, A&D medical, Spengler for healthcare professionals and private individuals.

What does a wrist blood pressure monitor corresponds to?

The wrist blood pressure monitor is a medical device. It is used to measure the blood pressure. Today you can either measure it at the doctors place or at home. However, this is not always clear because you have to be serious during the measurement.

Equipped with a armband, blood pressure monitors study the pulse pressure created by the artery at the same time that the artery is gaining strength by contracting on the armband with each heartbeat. The measurement of the wrist blood pressure monitor is done at this moment, to display it on the LCD screen.

However, for an easy way to use the measurement, it is also possible to use a manual blood tensiometer, easily adapted to the profile and physical capacity of each user, ideal for diagnosing a possible serious illness that could appear.

What are the advantages of an automatic wrist blood pressure monitor?

Controlling the blood pressure permits to diagnose a possible heart disease such as a as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia.

Easy to transport, thanks to its little table and its carrying case, the wrist blood pressure monitor machine can be used on children like on adults. It gives an exact and reliable result but you have to be well positioned.

The wrist blood pressure monitor is a bit complicated to set up because the device has to be put at heart level. The elbow at the table level and the armand at 1 cm from the wrist palmar fold.

A lot of Omron blood pressure monitors are equipped of an LCD screen which permits to display the results directly digitally. The armband fitted with sensors permits an instant calculation and in real time of the blood pressure.

How to choose the best wrist blood pressure monitor?

An efficient wrist blood pressure monitor has to respect certain conditions. It is better that the LCD screen be bigger. To display all the important information such as diastole, systole, pulse and time.

Moreover, it is compulsory to be equipped of a an armband which is adjustable. It is also better to have access to a last measure reader in order to get an idea of the evolution of the blood pressure of its user.

It is recommended to use a blood pressure which is capable to calculate the average calculation of the arterial blood pressure in the morning and in the evening. But also by an automatic stop.

Girodmedical also propose you an upper arm blood pressure range in order to adapt the diagnostic device to the user’s profile according to its morphology and its age.