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What baby scale should you buy?


Baby scales allows to follow the evolution of the weigh of the newborn and to check its growth from its birth but also infants or in the paediatric ward in hospitals or at home. The soft and rounded form off of the baby scale is designed for their well-being and their safety during the weighing. The latter adapts itself totally to the baby's morphology.

Indeed, an infant grows up very fast the first months of his birth. He can set up to 1 kg/month during the 12 first weeks of his life. In a general way, crossed the 6 first months it begins to ease. This is why having a baby scale weight is very important. It is important to check the fat mass gained before checking the BMI (Body Mass Index) in the first months of his life. Too high BMI can diagnose the possibility of childhood obesity.


Designed for professionals but also for private individuals, it permits a fast measurement thanks to its reliable and efficient tray.A large number of young mums trust Girodmedical for the choice of their baby weight. They advises you the SECA baby scale ideal for home use.


How to choose the best baby scale?


Baby weight scale perfectly fits to the infant’s morphology.With variable dimensions, it is easily cleanable. Some infant measuring devices are removable which allows a good measure of weight according to babies morphology.

Generally to weight your baby you use a digital scale.


Lightweight, it offers you the opportunity to measure the babies weight directly at home, no need to move! It is advisable to buy a weight scale wide enough to leave enough space for the child.


Baby infantometer like Tanita scales allows the measurement of premature infants in order to record the weight to the gram.In general it is advisable to use a baby weight that can support a weight of about 18 kg.

When should you weight your baby?


Measuring the average baby weight seems to be not as simple as we might think. The baby moves a lot and that may give a biased result.


The measuring graduation has to be perfect.  it is about the smallest readable value of the weight in every reach on the display. A graduation of a baby scale is generally between 10 - 20 g for the general public scales and between 5 and 20 g for the models used in hospitals.

The various models available on Girodmedical offers you the possibility of choosing between a seated measurment or a slept measurement according to your preferences. The baby has to feel safe on the scale so he does not panic.


Before any weighing, it is essential to check that the meter of the baby scale is at the point 0. Indeed, this may distort the measurement of the infant. It is also recommended to put the naked child on the scale to have the most accurate result possible. One of the most reliable scale is the digital baby weight.


Health care professionals recommend checking the child’s weight about every 2 weeks. On each health notebook is presented a curve of weight and height varying according to the age on which you have the opportunity to compare the weight of the infant through an accurate measurement of the baby scale.In fact, babies up to 4 months mainly drink milk. Be careful not to give him too much milk because it could make him gain weight. For the first 6 months, it is recommended to take 6 baby bottles per day before decreasing to 4 per day at the age of 4 months.


What is the average weight for a newborn baby in the UK?


Like most of the parents you may wonder if you child is growing normally. The average birth weigh in United Kingdom is 3.5 kg. Between 2.5 kg and 4.5 kg it is normal.

A baby which weights less than 2.5 kg is considered to have a low birth weight. A baby who weights more than 4.5 kg is a baby larger than normal, they often come from mothers who have developed medical problems during their pregnancy.