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Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban

Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban

Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban - Promote the reduction of edema - Adhere to self-same - Removable - Hydrophobic - water resistant - 3 colors - 4 dimensions

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Description Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban

Traumatic edema, mild sprain? Tendonitis, muscle strain?
Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban are the benchmark of contention cohesive.
They allow a reduction in edema and hematoma thanks to their modular elasticity, provide pain relief and promote healing maintaining their excellent thanks cohesiveness.
Practices, cohesive bandages 3M Coheban adhere to itself, not on the skin. Guaranteed comfort, thanks to their structure aéréeet their water resistance.

Traumajoint, tendon and muscle
- Phlebology
- Continued dressings


Flexible and constant elasticity over time that allows regular compression. The tire does not stretch.
Respects the skin even injured because the band adheres to itself and not on the skin.
Comfortable for the patient thanks to its airy structure that promotes skin trade.
Hydrophobic, the band retains its qualities in contact with water. It allows baths and showers.
The strips are available in three different colors depending on the size

Bands contention3M sticky Coheban are available in several dimensions (cm xm)

2.50 cm x 4.50 m; Per Box 20 strips, color: flesh reference: 7977086
5.00 cm x 4.50 m; Per Box 12 bands, color: flesh, reference C01582C
7,00 cm x 6,30 m, 1 tape bote, color: flesh, reference C01583C
10.00 cm x 7.35 m; 1 bote tape, color: flesh, reference C01584C
7,00 cm x 6,30 m, 1 tape bote, color: white, reference C01583B
7,00 cm x 6,30 m, 1 tape bote, color: blue, reference C1583BE

4,50 m stretched length = 2.00 m unstretched length
6,30 m stretched length = 3,00 m unstretched length
7,35 m stretched length = 3,50 m lengthunstretched


Product Cohesive bandages 3M Coheban details :

Reference Bandes de contention cohésives 3M Coheban
Weight 0.20 Kg
Manufacturer 3M
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