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Electrostimulator Globus Genesy 3000 Rehab

Electrostimulator Globus Genesy 3000 Rehab

Electrostimulator Globus Genesy 3000 Rehab - 4 independent CHANNELS (8 electrodes) - 8 AREAS OF APPLICATION - warranty 2 years

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Electrostimulator Globus Genesy 3000 Rehab, description:


The Genesy Rehab is part of the new Globus professional range and was devised specifically for professional of rehabilitation.
This latest-generation professional electrical stimulator has benefited from the successful completion of a new hardware and software project to implement its potential uses, especially for applications in the medical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy fields.
The unit is larger than the previous model and has an ergonomic design. It runs on the power supply or a battery, and be used as a fixed station or as a portable unit.
The Genesy Rehab is the most fully equipped stimulator for treating pain, encouraging skin healing and treating neuromuscular dysfunctions.
The System was designed to enable a more effective and faster return to sports for athletes who have suffered injuries, at the same time reducing the chances of new injuries. The programmes were studied expressly both to solve the post-traumatic acute stage and to recover athletes who have had reconstructive surgery.
A complete range of mainly aesthetic treatments for the body makes the unit an all-round package.

The Genesy Rehab stands out in particular for providing all major medical-type currents:
EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation)
TENS (Trans Cutaneus Nerve Stimulation) 
MENS (Micro Current Stimulation)
Kotz with sinusoidal wave
Triangular and Trapezoidal wave for Denervated muscles
Direct current for Ionophoresis

Functional rehabilitation (EMS and MENS),
Pain therapy (TENS and MENS),
Analgesic Endorphin Therapy (TENS and MENS),
Diagnostics and Treatment of Paralysis of Denervated muscle
Rehabilitation treatments (Kotz)
In -depth Pharmacological Treatment (Ionophoresis)
High-level Sports Training (EMS)
Fitness preparation (EMS)
Aesthetic Treatments (EMS, MENS).
The most advanced technology is used to permit straight-forward, safe use of stimulators in every therapy situation.

Technical Data 
Channels: 4 independent CHANNELS (8 electrodes)
Frequency: 0.3 -150 Hz
Power: 120 mA per channel
Pulse width: 45 – 450 µs
Wave form: Square two-phase symmetrical compensated
Supply: 18V – 3.3A Supply
Battery: 12 V, 2000 mAh
Compliance: Complies with ISO 9001, EN 46001 standards for electromedical products. MDD certified (Medical Device Directive)

1 Bag
1 Stimulator
4 electrode connection cables
1 plug-in battery charger.
4 self-adhesive Electrodes 50 x 50
4 self-adhesive Electrodes 50 x 90
1 operations manual for the stimulator


Substantial consideration was given to making the machine more intuitive and user-friendly.

EASY PROGRAM: makes programming faster
MY TRAINER: displays all the images of electrode positioning directly on the screen
STIM FIT: can modify contraction parameters during stimulation
FAST MENU: makes navigation faster
STIM LOCK: enables the therapist to allow the patient to use prescribed programmes only
WORK TIME: displays effective machine usage times by all users

DUAL STIM 2+2: option of performing two different programmes
at the same time.
AUTO STIM®: the only stimulator that can perform a programme automatically without manually adjusting the ntensity.
SYNCROSTIM: A single key can be used to increase the intensity of the 4 channels at the same time.
MULTI-useR: enables the stimulator to be shared by a number of users, saving respective settings, preferences and programmes.
MEMO FUNCTION: can create a library of personalised programmes.
LAST 10: saves the last programmes performed. This way they are available to be selected quickly and easily.


Product Electrostimulator Globus Genesy 3000 Rehab details :

Reference G1369
Weight 2.80 Kg
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer Globus
Use Sport, Professional use
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