How to choose the right blood pressure monitor

How to choose the right blood pressure monitor

Used by professionals, but increasingly by private individuals, the tensiometer measures arterial pressure. As a reminder, arterial pressure corresponds to the pressure exerted by blood on the arterial’s linings. Blood pressure is constantly changing all along cardiac cycle, that is why we recommend not to measuring it in only one go, at risk of getting incoherent results.

Arterial pressure is the result of a several measures’ average which respects the rule of three. This rule is managed as following :

1)      Measure your blood pressure three times in the morning before breakfast (also before your medical treatment if you have one).
2)      Repeat the same action three times at night before going to sleep.
3)      Repeat it on a three days period.

Please note that several rules must be respected before measuring your arterial pressure :

-          Take a five minutes rest in a seated position (keep this position for your measure)
-          Shut yourself away of any noise. Find a quiet place.
-          Do not smoke either during your rest or your measure.

Once having respected all that previous steps, you can begin your arterial pressure measure. Try to be as relax as possible during the tyre pressure. Wait one or two minutes between each measure.


Electric Monitor

Electric monitor is the device recommended for private individuals, as part of a self measurement. It should be noted that a self measurement must be supervised by a health professional. He is the only one able to give an average of your measure’s results and to consequently draw a conclusion.

Two types of devices exist : arm’s electronic monitor and wrist’s electronic monitor.

-          Appreciated for its precision, arm’s monitor measurement requires that the supporting arm of the armband is put down on a table or on an armrest, in order not to do any effort. The arm must be bent and on a par with the heart.

-          Wrist’s monitor success resides in its easy taking in hand. It is less difficult to find the right position when measuring pressure : all it takes to cross your arms and keeping your hands on a par with your chest.

The simplicity of those devices is mainly represented in the fact that the tyre pressure is completely automated. There is no risk of a bad manipulation of your tensiometer, on condition that you have an adapted armband monitor.

For both of these blood pressure monitor, be careful to choose the right size of armband, according to your arm’s circumference. The main ordered adult’s size is located between 22 and 32 cm. However, several models propose sizes for children and persons of great corpulence (32 to 42 cm), including an adult + great corpulence size (22 to 42 cm).

Concerning the memory capacity of the monitor, you should know that about twenty will be enough to establish an average of your results, on condition that you respect the rule of three. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to choose a model of monitor which is able to record more data and to insure you a long-term follow-up.

Please note that some tensiometers can be connected to a computer with a cable, in order to transfer and save your results.

In order to insure you the best quality, every electronic monitor present on our website is validated by the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products. Thanks to this validation, you have the guarantee of a product which respects Europeans standards.

Manual monitor

Restricted to healthcare professionals, manual monitor requires the use of a stethoscope at the same time in order to get the patient’s blood pressure.

There are two main manual monitor’s categories. The difference between both is the dial’s place.

- Hand - armband monitor : the dial is located on the armband. It allows an easy placing of the monitor.

- Hand – inflator bulb : the dial is located right above the inflator bulb. It allows an easy reading of the results, but above all, it allows a quick changing of armband.

Both of them are as accurate as possible, on condition that the armband is completely suitable to the patient circumference’s arm. Remember that a squeezed armband will overestimate blood pressure and on the contrary, a too large armband will underestimate your results

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