Mediprem : Your medical equipment and massage tables' manufacturer at the best price ever
Fortified by experience and position as a medical equipment manufacturer, Mediprem became in only a few years one of the biggest leading brand in terms of medical diagnostics equipment and massage furniture. The brand is deeply committed to the development of quality products, specifically tailored to the needs of each user. Mediprem offers a wide range of products intended for both health professionals and private individuals, including : diagnostics equipment, medical supplies and massage tables.
Medical equipment : A wide range of material equipment products are proposed, such as : folding massage tables for physiotherapists and osteopaths, stationary massage tables for massage parlours or even stools intended for the equipment of health professionals' office. Stethoscopes : A diversified range of stethoscopes, either in stainless steel or in solid brass. Suitable both for kids or adults, those stethoscopes have both a high resolution and a double chestpiece. Blood pressure monitors : Mediprem offers a full range of electronic or manual tensiometers, with a monitoring method either on the arm or on the wrist. This complete range is both intended for health professionals in order to get the best blood pressure measure and then advise any cardiovascular risk, and also for private individuals in order to correctly check their blood pressure diagnostics, with a self-measurement monitor. Mediprem is entirely dedicated to the well-being and the comfort of its clients. In order to continiously meet an important demand, the brand is persistently innovating and adapting itself to health professionals expectations, with the only purpose to meet the needs of everyone.