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Semi automatic defibrillator Colson DEF-NSI

Semi automatic defibrillator Colson DEF-NSI

Semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI - Metronome Function - LCD Display - Shock 150 J for adults and 50 for children J - Help resuscitation - Help installing electrodes - short charging time (10s) - 5 year warranty

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Advantages of semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI

- Compact
- Help the electrode placement
- Help resuscitation
- Metronome function
- Rapid implementation
- Suitable for adult / child without changing electrodes
- Short charging time (10 seconds)

Description Semi-Automatic Defibrillator DEF NSI

The semi-automatic defibrillator allows DEF-NSI:
- Analyze the electrical activity of the heart of the victim,
- From recognizing any malfunction in the electrical functioning of the heart causing the cardiac arrest,
- Invite the operator to deliverelectric shock, thanks to the vocal and visual information in order to restore effective cardiac activity.

The semi-automatic defibrillator DEF-NSI consists of:
- A speaker giving voice prompts to guide the rescuer in its action,
- A metronome pace chest compressions on the victim during cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
- An energy accumulator for performing electric shock,
- A single button to deliver a shock when indicated by the device,
- A pair of electrode pads pre-gelled, self-adhesive, pre-connectedCardio Respiratory

Transfer of recorded data (maximum 3 hours) via infrared or SD card

Technical characteristics of the semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI

- Automated External Defibrillator.
- Type: Semi-automatic
- Wave two-phase exponential impedance compensated in duration and intensity.
- Maximum power of 150 Joules for a 50 ohm load.
- Charging time: less than 10 seconds
- Operating Temperature: 0C 43C operates between 5% and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).
- Battery 12 V and 4.2 Amp, high capacity (lithium / dioxidemanganese), 200 shocks or 10 hours of continuous use or 5 years not inserted
- Acquisition ECG Lead II
- Unit Weight with battery: 2.4 kg
- Warranty: 5 years (excluding battery and electrodes)
- Reference Number: CC 802 0000

The semi-automatic DEF NSI defibrillator meets standards.
- IEC 60601-1 Clause 21 (mechanical power)
- EN 1789
- IEC 60529 - IP 55
- IEC 60601 - 2-4
- IEC 61000 - 4 - 2: 2001
- EN 55011: 1998 A1: 1999 A2: 2002, G1, CB
- EN 61000 - 4 - 3: 2001 Level 3 (10V / m 80 MHz 2500 MHz)

Content pack

The semi-automatic defibrillatorthe apparatus, disposable
- A non-rechargeable battery durability

The semi-automatic defibrillator DEF-NSI is characterized by a simple and efficient voice and visual guidance, making the implementation process easy work.

Unit 1. Initiation of the
2. Asks disposable electrodes
3. Automatic analysis of cardiac activity to detect ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia, which are the most common causes of cardiac arrest.
4. Issuance of electric shock whose power automatically adapts to physical characteristics of each person
5 CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).May 5, 2007 (décrtn 2007-705 of 4 May 2007)
is encouraging the spread of this type of device.


by AHA 2005 (American Heart Assocation) 5 times protocol: 30 chest compressions 2 rescue breaths
When changing international recommendations aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation, an update of the device is possible
6. Autostoring first 40 minutes of the ECG, as well as all the events and decisions about the intervention, and the possibility of transfer to a computer.

The semi-automatic defibrillator DEF-NSI is part of the new generation of the smart defibrillator and multiple functions to better support the speaker and easy maintenance.

- 1 semi-automatic defibrillator DEF-NSI
- 1 High Capacity Battery (Reference: CC 801 0200)
- 1 Pair of pre-connected electrodes adults (reference: CC 801 0300)

To ensure greater comfort of use of semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI also consider other accessories:
- The carrying case for semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI (reference: 801 CC 0100), ideal for transporting and protecting your equipment.
- The SD card for semi-automatic defibrillator DEF NSI (reference: 801 CC 0500), very useful for increasing the storage capacity of the defibrillator/> ELECTRODES
Opportunity to spend adult fashion (150 J) mode child (50 J) without changing electrodes. Safety strip avoiding unintentional change of mode.
Pre-connected electrodes on the device and stored in the back.

LCD Screen providing guidance on:
- Walking or stopping device
- Quality of the bonding electrodes
- Expiry electrodes or accidental reuse
- Battery status

Volume of the voice prompts automatically adjusted according to the noise level of the environment at the place of the intervention.

Indication of the quality of resuscitationand for the data transfer
- The pair of electrodes children semiautomatic defibrillator DEF-NSI (reference: 801 CC 0400), for children under 8 years (weight less than 25 kg)
- The cabinet with alarm defibrillator Colson (reference: 801 CC 0060), essential for storing defibrillator inside accessory.

GENERAL ON inforation defibrillators
In France, the rate of survival after cardiac arrest is 2 and 4% each year 40 000 60 000 people die.
In countries where the defibrillator is made available to the general public, such as Anglo-Saxon countries, the rate is 30%.

Product Semi automatic defibrillator Colson DEF-NSI details :

Reference CC 802 0000
Weight 2.40 Kg
Warranty 5 years
Manufacturer Colson
Type de Défibrillateur Semi-Automatique (DSA)
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