Sutures 3M Steri-Strip

Sutures 3M Steri-Strip

Sutures 3M Steri-Strip

Suturing kit Nessicare LCH

Suturing kit Nessicare LCH

Sutures 3M Steri-Strip - March 10 sutures according to reference pockets - Reinforced Polyester fiber - microporous Support - extended range shapes and sizes

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Sutures 3M Steri-Strip

Sterile adhesive skin closure



Closure of superficial wounds

Reinforcement after early removal of son or staples

Son combined with sutures or staples



Suture adhesive fiber reinforced polyster guaranteeing high tensile strength

Microporous support which provides excellent skin tolerance even on the most sensitive skin

Wide range in shapes and sizes


Polyster fiber reinforcement - An exclusive 3M

Absence of tissue break


Color code
Dimensions (mm x mm)
Number of sutures / wallet
STR1540 Purple 75 x3 5
STR1541 Red 6 x 75 3
STR1542 Green 6 x 38 6
STR1546 Orange 1006 x 10
STR1547 Blue 100 x 12 6
STR1548 Brown 125 x 25 4
STR1549 Gray 50 x 12 6
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Reference Sutures 3M Steri-Strip
Weight 0.200000
Manufacturer 3M