Girodmedical, a Success Story...

It all started five years ago. At that time, GirodMedical supplied osteopathy schools with massage couches.


Soon, GirodMedical co-founders saw enormous potential in offering this service online. Initially, the web site supplied exclusively massage couches for osteopathic practice.


Little by little, GirodMedical expanded its massage couch range and opened to new opportunities. In order to satisfy the growing demand for medical supplies, GirodMedical added new product categories: diagnostic equipment (stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers…), medical clothing, anatomical models (skeletons, skulls…), disposables, fitness equipment (treadmills, rowing machines…), health care and well-being.


Today, most of GirodMedical’s customers are health professionals equipping their surgeries with electric massage couches, diagnostic supplies, anatomical models, medical scrubs and trousers, Those products are also of big interest to medical students.


GirodMedical sells to private individuals who wish to benefit, without leaving home, from professional health care (dental water jets, light therapy, massage mattresses…), practice massage (portable massage couches) or need to regularly check their blood pressure or blood oxygen saturation as well as heart rates (blood pressure monitor, oxymeter…)


Since the business was launched online, profits have been skyrocketing: 181 000€ in 2006, 647 000€ in 2007, 1 800 000€ in 2008 and 10 700 000€ in 2009!

Girodmedical is one of the leading medical online suppliers in France. The company is opening now to other European markets.


Company history:

2005: the company is founded by Antoine Tresse and Guillaume Ziegler

2006: (turnover: 181 K €)  the first e-commerce website is launched

2007: (turnover: 647 K € / staff: 3 people)
March: Girodmedical moves to its first premises
November: first ‘Girodmedical’ branded tables introduced in the offer

2008: (turnover: € 1.8M / Staff: 9 people)
December: Girodmedical moves to the present location in the city center of Nantes

2009: (turnover: € 10.721M / staff: 20 people)
November: the current Girodmedical website is launched

2010 :
- company’s capital increased to 800 K €,
- Girodmedical enters European markets.


The product choice:

Girodmedical now offers more than 1200 products in the following categories: medical furniture (folding/electric massage tables, massage chairs), medical apparel,diagnostic equipment (electronic or manual sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, etc...), anatomy models, fitness & body building (stimulators, weight benches, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, treadmills, etc. ...) consumables, emergency instrumentation and comfort / well-being.

Girodmedical continues to expand its range in order to meet your needs by offering quality products at competitive prices.