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3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude

3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude

3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude- microporous support - Flexible and discreet - Optimal Occlusion - Hypoallergenic adhesive - Available in two versions: Adult and Child - 20 Per Box dressings

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Description of 3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude

The range of 3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude provides comfortable solutions rehabilitation of amblyopia or strabismus in children and adults.
Placed on the "preferred" eye, eye dressing Opticlude encourages "lazy" work.

3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude are designed to cover the eye in occlusive therapy.
Orthoptic Bandages 3M Opticlude are flexible and well tolerated.

Tested, approved and adopted for many years by European orthoptists, orthoptic dressingsOpticlude is a delicate issue a comfortable solution.

Benefits of 3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude

- Optimal Occlusion
- Hypoallergenic adhesive
- Microporous Support
- Flexible and discreet
- Non-adherent central compress, facilitating the absorption of lacrimation
- Disposable

3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude :
- Support micropore
- Color: flesh
- Adhesive: acrylate adhesive hypoallergnéique
- Compress: in absorbent nonwoven
- Model: 2 models available for child and adult
- Dimensions dressingchild (Junior): 6.20 cm x 5.00 cm
- Dimensions adult dressing: 8.00 cm x 5.70 cm
- Number of dressings Per Box: 20

Details 3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude

RTL occlusion amblyopia (loss of vision in one eye with visual acuity less than 4/10)

The non-irritating carrier lets the skin breathe
The hypoallergenic adhesive is good for the skin, which reduces the risk of irritation
The non-adhesive compress ocular secretions prevents sticking eye
Featuring 3M ™ Micropore tape backing hypoallergenic, orthoptic Opticlude dressings can beeasily applied and removed with minimal skin pain, while the pressure sensitive adhesive secures the single-eye covers throughout the occlusion.
The non-adhesive pad is absorbent and prevents the lacrimal secretions sticking compress the skin, while the Micropore tape allows the skin to breathe normally.
The thin and light size requires no winding or cutting and color imitating the skin actually a cover eye aesthetically more acceptable.

Amblyopia can be treated by covering (hiding) the healthy eye treatment also known as occlusion therapy.
This treatmentaims to encourage the lazy eye to work and begin to stimulate sight, helping the part of the brain that manages vision develop further.
Wearing a bandage orthoptic can take several hours per day and treatment can range from a few months a few years, depending on the severity of the disease and the consent of the child.
It is therefore very important that the prescribed treatment is followed and that the child is encouraged to wear orthoptic dressing.

The brain takes 10 minutes to "recover" and start to use the weaker eye when the other eye is hidden.
It is therefore importanttake this into consideration before starting the activities.
You want to watch TV with your child, but as the activities are designed to encourage the weaker eye work, you must ensure that the view is more involved than Westward.
Children could just listen instead of watching TV.
By engaging in activities in which they must be active and participate, you have the assurance that their vision is mobilized.

Encourage your children by praising the dressing orthoptic, enabling them to get a better view. A child can sometimes be difficult to understand but tryshow you positive and secure time stamps such as "eye shields will be removed at the time of dinner" or use a stopwatch to make sure they keep the dressing for the prescribed time.


- Spending time together
- Encourage and congratulate
- Make the dressing entertaining

Here are some ideas.

- Be creative
- Encourage your child to be creative in drawing, painting and sculpting, as this will develop hand-eye coordination and incentive to be more imaginative, more creative and more productive.platelets can make your own stickers by buying large pieces of white or colored cardboard and leaving the child decorate by using glitter, crayons, watercolor, carvings with his favorite characters. Download our stickers below and contact us to get free stickers platelets.

Games that put your child's memory and hand-eye coordination test can increase the impact of the eye shield.
The games can be puzzles or games "Find a pair." Even computer games can help develop his vision.
A simple game Pop Up Pairs is available onThis will create a positive atmosphere and it will be a reason to praise your child.
- See ideas in our Image Gallery section.

Spend time with your child decorate his hat eye. It thus develop his hand-eye coordination and it will make wearing eye covers more entertaining. You can decorate with crayons, stickers and decals. Contact us to order decals for free (subject to availability).

The bumper pads are a great way to reward your child for wearing the eye shield.
Youour website to get started.

Dress up
Your child can play the role of a pirate or a character of their choice while wearing his hat eye. And it will all have fun.

Your child can read or not, it is an excellent way to develop his sight. Go to the local library and look for books that elicit the advantage of your child.
You can also share books with friends from the nursery, play groups or neighborhood. During playback, use your finger to point out the pictures and the text of the book to force the child involved and follow his eyes.

You cansometimes wear the eye shield to trivialize the experience of eye shield.
If the child thinks it's okay to wear a cover-eye, it is more likely to want to wear one. You can also put a cover on his eye doll / teddy bear favorites.


Product 3M orthoptic dressings Opticlude details :

Reference Pansements orthoptiques 3M Opticlude
Weight 0.20 Kg
Manufacturer 3M
Packing Boîte de 20
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