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Box for Dentist Holtex

Box for Dentist Holtex

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AI28146 Bote stainless steel, 28 x 14 x 6 cm 1 piece
IDARCOU3 puller Crown 3 rooms 1 room
IDCOCP17 wax knife, 17 cm 1 piece
IDCOFA17 Fahnenstock Wax Knife, 17 cm 1 piece
IDCOPLA1 plaster knife, n1 1 piece
IDCURDB1 Curette Double Hemingway, n1 1 piece
IDCURDB2 Curette Double Hemingway, n2 1 piece
IDCXCD11 Scissors Straight Crowns, 11.5 cm, straight 1 piece
IDCXGD11 Gums Scissors, straight, 11.5 cm 1 piece
IDCXGD12 Goldman-Fox Scissors, 13 cm, 1 piece Rights
IDDECM07 Periosteal Molt, n7 1 piece
IDDECM09 Periosteal Molt, n9 1 piece
IDDVAD02 Forceps Adult n 2 for incisors and canines upper 17 cm 1 piece
IDDVAD13 ForcepsAdult No. 13, canines and premolars, 15 cm 1 piece
IDDVAD33A Forceps Adult n33A roots premolars and canines, 15 cm 1 piece
Forceps Adult IDDVAD51 No. 51, upper roots, 18 cm 1 piece
IDDVAD73 Forceps Adult n 73 molars, 15 cm 1 piece
IDDVEN05 Forceps Child, n5, incisors and canines, 11 cm 1 piece
IDDVEN137 Forceps Child, n137, incisors and upper canines, 11.5 cm 1 piece
IDELAPI1 Elevator Apical, n1 1 piece
IDELAPI2 Elevator Apical, n2 1 piece
IDELAPI3 Elevator Apical, n3 1 piece
IDEXWH05 Excavator Double White, n5 1 piece
IDEXWH14 Excavator Double White, n14 1 piece
IDFABLA1 amalgam plugger, tips striated, black, n1 1 piece
IDFABLA2 amalgam plugger, tips striated black, n2 1 piece
IDFABLA3 amalgam plugger, tips striated black, n3 1 piece
IDINDE03 Instrument descaling, n3 1 piece
IDINDE06 Instrument descaling, n6 1 piece
IDINDE07 Instrument descaling, n7 1 piece
IDPASI01 holder Amalgam, simple piston 1 piece
IDSFDB00 Spatula Double Heideman, n0 1IDSFDB01 Spatula Double Heideman, n1 1 piece
IDSFDB02 Spatula Double Heideman, n2 1 piece
IDSOND01 probe Rhein n1 1 piece
IDSOND08 Rhein probe n8 1 piece
IDSOND17 probe Rhein n17 1 piece
IDSPSI24 Spatula Simple, n24 for cement1 piece
IDSPSI36 Spatula Simple, cement n36 1 piece
IDSYNDC2 Syndesmotome Chompret, curve 1 piece
IDSYNDD1 Syndesmotome Chompret, right 1 piece
IM03106 Laryngeal mirror, n6, dia. 22 mm 1 piece
IP04616 Tweezer Miriam against cubit, 16 cm 2 pieces
Adson forceps IP33212, S / G, 12 cm 1 piece

Product Box for Dentist Holtex details :

Reference IBOI501
Weight 3.00 Kg
Warranty 2 years
Manufacturer Holtex
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